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Some new ideas for fixing the NCAA Tournament
March 16, 2018

DESIGNATED NOTE: Today’s Designated Contributor is Nico Van Thyn, our former Designated Boss, lifetime friend, recently retired scribe, Woodlawn and Louisiana... Read More
Bittersweet Madness
March 13, 2018

March 8 was the 30th anniversary of the passing of Don Redden, Ouachita High star and captain of the 1986 LSU…

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Welcome to ‘Off’ Broadway; Come and Get You Some!
March 4, 2018

“There’s nothing like a show on Broadway,/“There’s nothing like a Broadway show…” Overture from “The Producers,” by Mel Brooks I’ve never…

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‘Yorkshire pudding and a Top 10 finish, please’
February 27, 2018

My London-based friend Keith Jackson is the Golf Editor at Sky Sports, and the easiest way to think of them is…

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Diary of an Olympic-sized downhill ski-loser hobo
February 25, 2018

In honor of these Winter Olympics, currently ongoing in a South Korean town/county I still do not know how to say:…

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Wait: You Mean I Can Get A JOB Doing This?
January 1, 2018

The first time was the Summer of ’66. My grandparents drove over from Louisiana to where we lived in South Carolina…

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A Thousand Saturdays
October 5, 2017

I don’t like the term “bucket list,” mainly because I don’t know why a bucket has to be involved. (Can’t it... Read More