• JJ MarshallDesignated Writer

    It all began in the summer of 1974 with a three-paragraph American Legion baseball story. I figured if they’d let a 14-year old do it, this sports writing gig might not be all bad. Whether it’s as a sports writer (Shreveport Journal, Shreveport Times) or as a radio talk-show host (SportsTalk) for more than two decades, I’ve been in some form of local media for more than 40 years.

  • Teddy AllenDesignated Writer

    North Louisiana journalism magnate Wiley Hilburn, columnist and storyteller extraordinaire, introduced himself to me in the parking lot of George T. Madison, the Liberal Arts building at Louisiana Tech. He said he’d heard I had good grades in English — despite how I talked — and that I needed to major in something. He put me on the school paper and said he’d help me. And he did. And he said that the sports editor of the school paper was John James Marshall. So…if you ain’t got timing, you ain’t got nothin’.

Matty Marshall Designated Writers
  • MattyDesign & Development

    *Not Sean Elliott

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  • CaseyTwitter Fingers
Shelley Marshall Designated Writers
  • ShelleyDesign & Development

    *Also not Sean Elliott

JJ Jr. | Designated Writers
  • JJ Jr.Wordsmith
  • Gracie LouBarketing Manager

    Gracie Lou didn’t choose the barketing game, the barketing game chose her. Ever since her internship in Pawllywood, she has dedicated her life to fetching all the data needed to steer DW in the right direction. SQUIRREL! Oh no, we may not get her back for a while…

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  • AtticusDesignated Pug

    Proudly hailing from Vivian, Louisiana, Atticus first got the itch (writing, not fleas) back in 2010. Since then, he’s dedicated his time to honing his craft between naps and dinnertime. When he isn’t at the DW headquarters barking out orders, you can find him chasing his tail or next big lead.