NOTE — From the files back in March. Designated Writers has been out front of this issue for months!

By TEDDY ALLEN/Designated Writers

We wrote about a Texas Drive-In last week. You can read it here

Then we wrote a follow-up that’s available by cutting and pasting here:

And we were thrilled to see this headline in the Los Angeles Times this week, sent to us by DW loyalist and DW, favorite Ron White:

“Amid coronavirus outbreak, drive-in theaters unexpectedly find their moment”

And there you have it. DW was ahead of the curve (sort of) on the drive-in situation.

There are slightly more than 300 active drive-ins in America now. Sadly, none are in Louisiana. But there was a time …

Susan sent us these memories that we share with you. Happy viewing, and stay healthy.

From Susan:

“May I add one more memory about drive-ins?

“My daughters and I visited a friend whose husband was in the Air Force in Nebraska. We took their Ford Aerostar minivan across the state line to Council Bluffs, Iowa to one of the few remaining drive-ins. My daughters were 6 and 8 and had never even seen a drive-in. We parked the minivan backwards and had a blow up mattress in the back of the van which actually was quite fun! It was not unlike a sleep over.

“What really was quite humorous to me is that a pickup truck parked next to us and unloaded a grill! They proceeded to have a cook out at the drive-in! And on the other side of us was a pickup truck that had a couch in the bed! I will never forget that evening because it marked the end of an era for me since I haven’t been to another drive-in since. I was happy that my daughters got to experience something that we all took for granted from the ‘old days’.”