By TEDDY ALLEN/DesignatedWriters

All is not lost and gratitude drips off me like fleas off a junkyard dog but man oh man, I could sure use a bit more good news these days, mainly in the form of some really cool and refreshing strawberry shortcake. Ohhhh doctor!

My grandma Inez made the best shortcake ever but the recipe has been lost; it’s the Allen Family Holy Grail that has long been sought but never found. Alas, and doggoneit.

But you see this picture here? It would do in a pinch, for sure. Gosh I wish it were scratch ‘n’ sniff.

My friend Dollhead sent it to me today, fresh from The Bulldog Restaurant in Bald Knob, Arkansas, which is where I am going if I get to go on vacation. Had planned on Paris but nope, it’s going to be Bald Knob, and I will take all my meals at The Bulldog Restaurant, thank you.

They serve peach shortcake too. Yes, peach AND strawberry shortcake. Just might save the summer.

Have mercy, and pass the whipped cream.