We have always liked Derek Jeter, who seemed to handle his business well, was a perpetual New York Yankees captain, and helped the Yankees win a lot of titles. Designated Writers saw him years ago when Grambling and George Steinbrenner came to Grambling in a February or early March to play an exhibition game against the Tigers.

Because Steinbrenner was close friends with Grambling legend Eddie Robinson, he made the first-string come. I remember Darryl Strawberry striking out in the first inning, then lofting a homer to right-center his second time up, both off aGrambling junior who, just a few hours before, had been in history class.

What I remember about Jeter that day is him fielding a bad, REALLY bad hop grounder, making the play, then looking at second baseman Pat Kelly, making a funny face, and smiling.

Solid attitude.

But a Baltimore fan (guilty!) can never over-like any Yankee that’s not named Bobby Richardson or Mickey Mantle or Yogi Berra or Roger Maris. Jeter was tolerated and respected in this bureau.

Now he’s fallen off the face of the DW map, and if you look at the picture above, it’s easy to see why. I mean, I appreciate that Jeter was a fine ballplayer on some great clubs and a sharp-looking man. But there’s a new favorite Jeter in DW town.

This is a four-month old Australian shepherd named Jeter. He came from Choudrant, but he’s still an Australian shepherd, not a Choudrant shepherd.

His owner is Malcolm Butler, associate athletics director as the head of athletics communications for Louisiana Tech. Good man. Dog lover. Enough said.

A-Rod, Malcolm’s dog of many years, passed away a few months ago. I have fed A-Rod many times when Malcolm was on the road. A-Rod loved me–as long as there were plenty of bacon treats.

The day A-Rod, a border collie mix and a great American, passed away was a sad day for everyone. He was a wonderful furry guy, was a great friend to many, especially to Malcolm. A-Rod, despite his name (this is the opinion of an Orioles fan), had a great life.

I hope that Jeter has the same. With such an owner, I am positive he will.

You’ll like this: Malcolm bought him from Bill Waller in Choudrant. Bill owns a farm where he rasies border collies — and miniature horses. I know, right?!

“I guess my next dog will be named ‘Judge’,” Malcolm said.

If Aaron Judge heals up and keeps making the Yankees look good, I suspect Malcolm is right.

Malcolm is crazy, but that is beside the point. He has fine taste in dogs.

We are crazy too. About Jeets.