When they start getting around to the people who are the least concerned about this IHOP changing its name to IHOB business, please let them know to put me at the top of the list.

I never go to IHOP of my own volition; in the few instances I do go, it is always in a tag-along situation. I’m not against it; I’m just not a “let’s go to IHOP” guy.

But I know plenty who are. I know a guy who, whenever a meeting needs to be held, has it at IHOP. Without discussion. With syrup, however.

Y’all know that this whole we’re-changing-the-name-thing is just a big PR stunt, right? They opened up a IHOb Twitter account — oh yeah, THAT makes it official — and last week, Facebook done blowed up over it. People were either (1) legitimately upset (2) trying to work on their stand-up routine and trying to get laughs or (3) wondering where their next short stack with sausage was going to come from.

IHOP just New Coke-d everybody. Sales are slow and meanwhile, everybody is going through the drive thru, so that doesn’t work for the sit-down world of places like IHOP. They got a big pile of pub by giving people the impression that they were changing up the whole operation when, in fact, they are just adding a few burgers to the menu.

And by the way, shouldn’t they be changing the first initial instead of the last one? Is it really “International?” Are people flying over from Switzerland to get double blueberry pancakes? You’re telling me there are no pancake joints in Prague or Buenos Aires?