We don’t like to brag, except on the occasions when we do. This is one of those times.

The results of the annual Louisiana Sports Writers Association contest are in and let’s just say that Designated Writers made an impact in a number of ways.

Neither of the DW founders does this for a living — we are waiting for the day when we actually have to file a tax return — but we don’t back down when it comes time to going up against the rest of the state. But what makes it even more special is the wide reach of awards won by those in the Designated Writers Family.

Yes, we realize this is like making you watch our family vacation videos, but here goes:

  • PRO EVENT: 1st Place, Teddy Allen (story of the Masters)
  • COLLEGE EVENT: 3rd place, John James Marshall (Tech-Southern Miss game)
  • PREP COLUMN: Honorable Mention, John James Marshall (pre-season high school football)
  • PRO FEATURE: 1st Place, Teddy Allen (Story on Booger McFarland)
  • COLLEGE FEATURE: Honorable Mention, Teddy Allen (Feature on Tech broadcaster Dave Nitz)
  • GENERAL SPORTS: 2nd Place, John James Marshall (Remembering sports writer Buddy Davis)

Here’s something we never expected …

  • BEST PODCAST: 3rd Place, John James Marshall & Teddy Allen

But there’s more. And this makes us ever prouder because it expands the DW footprint.

The first place winner in the competition for Best Section (Class 2) was J.J. Marshall. No, not that one; the younger one who we raised from a puppy (somewhat literally). He did some DW efforts before he got a real job at the Minden Press Herald and we’ve had him under our sportswriter wings ever since. Not only did he bring a first-place trophy back to Webster Parish, but he also took a second place for Columnist of the Year (Class 2) and an Honorable Mention for Prep Writer of the Year.

For a one-man sports staff, that’s qualifies in anybody’s book as getting it done.

Last but not least, the audio arm of DW also got in on the action. John James Marshall and Ben Marshall, who bring you the Designated Minute, picked up a second place award for Best Sports Talk Show for their afternoon radio show “SportsTalk” on 1130 The Tiger. It’s the first time they’ve won an award in 27 years on the air, but that’s mainly because they didn’t enter the first 26.

That’s quite a haul for the Designated Writers conglomerate. You keep reading and listening and we will keep cranking it out. Deal?