By JOHN JAMES MARSHALL/Designated Writers

Laptop notes from the DW-South offices of the 6-2 win by the Atlanta Braves over Houston:

** One of my favorite parts of the World Series is the everybody-on-the-baseline introductions before the game. In the old days of VCRs, I would make sure I taped it. Amazingly, I still have some of those from the 1980s and it’s interesting to see how times have changed. I gotta admit that I could do with the the WWE announcing these days, but that’s just me.

** Houston’s Dusty Baker and Atlanta’s Brian Snitker are two managers you want to pull for. Whoever wins, you should be happy for. Baker, who played for what was then the Shreveport Braves in the Texas League and what was then Braves Stadium, may be the best manager to never win a World Series. He’s exactly what the Astros needed after the trash can scandal of 2017. Sweatbands, gloves, toothpicks and all. Snitker is a baseball lifer and manages as old school as is possible in these spreadsheet days. Snitker got the job due in great part to the organization listening to the Braves’ players.

** I looked it up — this is the 117th World Series and no team has ever won a World Series in the first game. No need to overreact to anything positive or negative.

** When Atlanta’s Ozzie Albies beat out a routine ground ball in the second inning, he was running 30.7 feet/second. Thirty feet per second is considered elite speed for any athlete. As a measure of comparison, Usain Bolt’s top-end speed in the Olympics was 33.9 feet per second.

** The injury to Atlanta starting pitcher Charlie Morton had an effect in Game 1 because the Braves had to scrap any pitching rotation plans they may have had. The obvious issue now is what they will do for a Game 5 starter. Game 4 was already a possible bullpen game and there’s no way they could manage that two days in a row. Drew Smiley was the #4 starter for much of the season, so he’d be a likely candidate. But would that be in Game 4 or Game 5?

** Louisiana Tech in the house! The Astros brought in reliever Phil Maton from the bullpen in the sixth inning. Maton was selected ed out of Tech in the 20th round of the 2015 draft was a trade deadline pickup. And a good one. He was 4-0 for the Astros during the regular season.

** No matter how times I see hit, I will NEVER understand why home team fans boo a pick off move. Like everything else, it’s only gotten worse. Used to be, you’d hear the boos after the third of fourth move to first. OK, I get that. Now, it happens on every attempt.

** How many times are we going to be reminded that Astro shortstop is a “free agent to-be?” Every at bat? Sure seems like it.